Saturday, 22 July 2017

First one!!!!

Hi,this is a blog that is going to be all about different things like my three cats,bids and even my life at my high school that I am going to be starting in September! 

This cat is called Phoebe she is the fluffiest (and the oldest :p).Phoebe is probably related to a lion because it is like she has a mane, it is really nice to cuddle but unfortunately sometimes it gets all tangled up. :(

I REALLY like Harry Potter I have only just started reading them because I read them a couple of years ago but I was scared of them. My favourite character is probably Hagrid. If I could choose which house I would be in, I would want to be in Gryffindor all the brave people but I would probably be in  Hufflepuff because I get scared easily so I am kind of a coward.

I am really nervous for when I go to High School because I just don't want to grow up! It was our last day on Friday and I was crying but surprisingly I didn't cry the most, yes I cried loudly but that is jut who I am. Even all the really tough boys cried who never EVER cry. But it was a really emotional time for everyone.

My favourite part of leaving school is when we do back to school shopping because 
I really like getting stationary because I love looking st all the cool rubbers and stuff like that.

                                                    My beautiful mum

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